Yield Portfolio

At Kauri we believe the Australian stock market represents one of the most lucrative markets in the world for income opportunities. Many high-profile blue-chip companies like Commonwealth Bank, BHP and Wesfarmers boast high dividend yields, while franking credits maximise returns. As investors turn to high-yield stocks in a low-interest-rate environment, we are confident our Yield Portfolio will continue to generate sustainable absolute returns.

What is the Investment Objective?
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The Investment objective for the Kauri Yield Portfolio is to focus on sustainable income generation through ASX 300-listed equities, ideally paying franked dividends, and also providing modest exposure to growth.

The ASX is an accessible and familiar market to Australian investors, with many household names offering some of the highest dividend yields globally.

We rely on many of these businesses every day, making it easier to understand, follow and monitor our investments. A key objective is to invest in industry leaders with a track record of paying dividends, as well as emerging companies with growth prospects to pay future dividends.

These qualities provide for sustainable income-generation and a diversified wealth strategy.

Why do we Co-Invest with our clients?
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One of the most fundamental aspects of Kauri Asset Management's philosophy is to manage the capital as if it were our own. This isn’t just some noble aspiration, it is a belief put into practice.

We have invested and still regularly contribute a large portion of our own capital into the portfolio. We believe it is just as important to have skin in the game, so our interests are always aligned with our clients. So by having personal conviction in the positions we open, we all stand to share in the benefits. Our investment really is a collective and united journey into the future.

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What is the investment Philosophy?

The ASX offers investors one of the best opportunities to invest in equities that yield high levels of sustainable income.

Since the 1980s, the All Ordinaries has traded with an average dividend yield of approximately 4.1%, which is more than double that of the US stock market. The average payout ratio among ASX stocks is also double that of US companies at 70-80%, yet there are plenty of growth companies to invest in.

Local investors have also been able to take advantage of franking credits, which provide valuable tax benefits.

The sustainable and compounding nature of these income opportunities is central to the philosophy of the Kauri Yield Portfolio.

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