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Our team of dedicated professionals can tailor an investment portfolio to suit any stage of your investment journey.

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Direct Investing

Headlined by our flagship Global Growth Portfolio, which has a history of outperformance, we manage two investment portfolios that offer comprehensive access to global shares. Choose between investments tailored towards growth or income objectives.

Financial Planning

We recognise that every client has unique financial goals in life and is at a different point in their journey towards financial security. With a holistic approach to financial planning, we can help you map out the path to strive towards and realise your goals.

Superannuation Investment & Management

Looking for more transparency in your super? No matter what stage you’re at, we’re here to help. Our portfolios have consistently delivered above-average returns. Sit back and let us take care of your super by growing your funds so that you can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Home Loans

We work with a number of lending specialists who can provide advice for all your borrowing needs. Whether you want to take your first step into the property market or refinance your home loan, our goal is to help make it easier for you to manage your borrowing needs.

Direct investing means greater transparency

Why settle for following the market? Investing directly in shares allows you to make the call where your funds are invested
Increasing return from investment


Invest directly in a portfolio of 20-40 US-listed companies with a proven track record of success. These stocks are true global leaders at the forefront of their industries in terms of innovation, revenue growth and superiority. Leverage the world’s largest economy and gain exposure to rare investment opportunities by accessing niche industries and sectors unavailable through other markets.



Invest directly in a portfolio of 15-30 ASX-listed companies that either have a history of paying sustainable dividends, or have the hallmarks of being able to pay and grow dividends through strong earnings growth. Generate sustainable income through one of the highest-yielding dividend markets in the world, and take advantage of franking credits to realise significant tax benefits.

How to invest through your Superannuation

Take control of your retirement. With our super portfolios, you'll know exactly where your super is invested and how it’s performing.
Saving for retirement
Retired SMSF

Non SMSF Accounts

We use Hub24, one of Australia's fastest-growing asset management platforms to manage your super. Best of all, this low-cost platform allows you to invest your super across a wide range of managed funds and ETFs on offer, as well as our own superannuation portfolios. We offer a ‘Balanced’ portfolio and a ‘Growth’ portfolio, both of which have outperformed the average industry super fund over recent years.

SMSF Accounts

We offer a range of investment options for your self managed super fund (SMSF). The most cost-effective and efficient platform is Interactive Brokers, where we can roll you into our flagship Global Growth Portfolio offering exposure to shares from the world’s leading stock market. We can also develop customised investment portfolios through CommSec Advisory, catering to your individual risk profile and investment goals.

Financial Planning

Having a plan is crucial in all facets of life. Why should it be any different when it comes to managing your finances?
Financial Plan

Our Financial Planning service is integral to our philosophy that: the decisions we make today are the ones that will shape our financial security in the future. We have heard from clients that they want a comprehensive approach to not only investing but a full spectrum of financial planning - something we believe can only be done through broader wealth management. 

It all starts with an understanding of your investment goals, your lifestyle requirements and tolerance for risk. From there, we work with clients to strategically map out how to realise your financial goals, while also tailoring financial solutions to help you grow your assets, accumulate wealth and achieve financial security.


We value each relationship with our clients for the unique engagement that it is. As such, we focus on developing bespoke solutions personalised to each client’s particular needs. The foundation of this includes ongoing personal advice across a variety of financial products.


At the same time, advice alone is not enough. We also see through to executing this strategy by monitoring and evaluating your portfolio so it remains aligned with your financial goals. We want to free you from the burden of managing your wealth and use our expertise to ensure your investments are working harder for you.

Home loans and other lending

Loans big or small, we work closely with a number of lenders who can provide tailored advice for every situation
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