Growth Portfolio

At Kauri we believe that every investor should have a stake in the companies we use on a daily basis. We invest in companies like Visa, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the list goes on. Our Growth Portfolio has exceeded our expectations and given the global low-interest-rate environment, we believe it will continue to outshine the local markets.

What is the Investment Objective?
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Why do we Co-Invest with our clients?
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One of the most fundamental aspects of Kauri Asset Management's philosophy is to manage the capital as if it were our own. This isn’t just some noble aspiration, it is a belief put into practice.

We have invested and still regularly contribute a large portion of our own capital into the portfolio. We believe it is just as important to have skin in the game, so our interests are always aligned with our clients. So by having personal conviction in the positions we open, we all stand to share in the benefits. Our investment really is a collective and united journey into the future.

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The Investment objective for the Kauri Growth Portfolio is to provide direct exposure to high growth equities on the US Stock Market. 

While the ASX is better understood by local investors, US markets provide clients with access to invest in household names like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, and many others.

Many Investors will be familiar with the products and services of these companies from their day to day life. Therefore, a key objective is to invest in companies that are well understood and highly regarded in their field and typically, of significant size and scale. It is these attributes which may underpin future growth potential.

What is the investment Philosophy?

US Markets represent the greatest growth opportunity of any market in the world. Yet despite this, as much as 75% of Australian equity investors hold only ASX stocks in their portfolio.

Not only do US markets account for more than half of all capital across global markets, but their historical performance since the Global Financial Crisis has significantly outperformed the ASX Between 2008 and 2018 the S&P 500 gained 103% while the ASX only grew by 6%.

It is ultimately the future outlook for Growth that underpins the philosophy for the Kauri Growth Portfolio. 

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