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Why invest in Global Markets
Kauri Growth Portfolio
In 2019, the International Growth Portfolio gained 29.4% after all fees, outperforming the Dow Jones (22.3%) and S&P 500 (28.9%)
Portfolio gains were underpinned by exposure to six of the top ten performing Dow Jones stocks for 2019 (APPL, MSFT, V, GS, NKE, DIS)
We also held last year’s best-performing S&P 500 stock (AMD), and four of the top ten performing NASDAQ-100 stocks
Outperformance has continued into 2020. The portfolio added 6% in January, versus the S&P 500, -0.2%, and the Dow Jones, -0.7%

10 years of US market gains 2010-2020

Choose a Portfolio

We understand every investor has a different story but believe they can fall into two buckets, Growth or Income. You can choose to invest in either or a combination of both.
Global Growth Portfolio
Global companies we use everyday
Invest directly in a portfolio of 20-40 US-listed companies with a proven track record of success. These stocks are true global leaders at the forefront of their industries in terms of innovation, revenue growth and superiority. Leverage the world’s largest economy and gain exposure to rare investment opportunities by accessing niche industries and sectors unavailable through other markets.
Australian Yield Portfolio
Lucrative dividend-paying companies
Invest directly in a portfolio of 15-30 ASX-listed companies that either have a history of paying sustainable dividends, or have the hallmarks of being able to pay and grow dividends through strong earnings growth. Generate sustainable income through one of the highest-yielding dividend markets in the world, and take advantage of franking credits to realise significant tax benefits.